Closed Loop Hydraulic transmission

The hydrostatic transmissions were introduced on the mobile machinery thanks to their versatility and adaptability to various applications.

The advantages compared to more traditional mechanical transmission and hydrokinetic are:

  • Freedom of placement of the combustion  engine on the machine, with the ability to mount the hydraulic motors without  kinematic constraints
  • Easy maintenance
  • High braking power (the use of the brakes is almost zero)
  • Comfort for the operator (The Hydrostatic transmission allows infinite speed ranges, thus avoiding at  the operator continuous speed changes required for the  traditional mechanical transmission)
  • Speed ​​control simplified with the use of the pedal or joystick that allows the operator greater freedom and concentration at work.
  • Low power consumption (the closed circuit is protected from contamination and therefore less subject to wear)
  • Extreme sensitivity and ease of control of the vehicle
  • High power / weight ratio
  • Easy adjustment of the speed of traction, thanks to the sensitivity of the controls of the hydraulic motors
  • Full duplex operation with control without jerking motion during inversion
  • Optimum utilization of installed power
  • Maximum traction at low revs  of the diesel engine, at low speeds of the drive hydraulic  motors (high efficiency)


  • These great advantages are made possible with the new series of hydraulic motors, variable displacement and double-displacement HS series. (Patent by R & D)
  • Our engines are designed and optimized “even” for use in closed circuit
  • In this way it was possible to integrate the components for adjusting the flow rate, pressure and power directly in our  hydraulic motors, thereby avoiding unnecessary energy waste and dissipation of heat; with consequent improvement of the total efficiency of the hydrostatic transmission.