Integration and control of the hydraulic power

As in all recent R&D project, the present one is focused on the following key characteristics too:

1)      Integration

2)      Customization

3)      Power control

Integration & Customization

Integration and customization, means for us play on and optimize more and more the space available into parts already realized by our Client.

Apart from the traditional hydraulic motor enclosed by an external casing which make it independent, we studied high integrated and versatile solution that permit the integration of the hydraulic power into the parts of the Client and allow thus the following benefits:


  • Optimization of the space available;
  • Reduction of the overall dimension of double or variable hydraulic motor;
  • Reduction of the weight;
  • Customization of the integrated product into the parts of the Client.

Control of the hydraulic power

Apart from the integration of the hydraulic motor, our design effort have been also turned to the control of the hydraulic power integrating it into our distributor. This process allows to obtain uncountable benefits strongly decreasing the overall dimension:

  • Controll of the power through integrated valves fitting this purpose
  • Control of the variation of the displacement
  • Pilot of the brake when necessary


Rendering ruota     MP3

This project was entirely fulfilled in R&D using our hydraulic motor HS serie (patent by R&D).

We minded of the design, cost analysis, prototype and validation testing on several test benches  available in our factory.

All of the results achieved returned very positive data in term of volumetric and mechanical efficiency, power control, integration, customization and compactness required by the Client following entirely all design requirements.

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